About Us

Inspired by colorful drawings displayed on our kitchen cabinets, Cleveland based jewelry designer Chad Verhoff, took his love for designing jewelry and love of his daughter’s art work and merged them together to form Art-Charms. Chad is a master goldsmith and jewelry designer with over 20 years of experience. He graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) in 1995 and has worked in high-end design houses and for jewelry manufacturing companies in Atlanta, Chicago and Cleveland. Chad’s designs have been shown in upscale boutiques throughout the United States.

Besides being an artist and a jeweler Chad is also a great dad and husband. He is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for scuba diving, a fabulous cook and one who enjoys to live life to its fullest.


Art Charms believes in capturing your child’s creative spirit by replicating your child’s artwork with the care and integrity it deserves.

Environmentally Friendly Jewelry

Art-Charms not only cares about preserving your child’s artwork but their future as well. We at Art-Charms have teamed up with one of the countries top manufacturing resources for 100% recycled metals. All charms are produced using only recycled precious metals. It is important to know that all the precious metals used to create your charm are recycled from the earth’s existing metal supply which means we do not buy metals produced from mining companies. Each charm purchased will include a certificate of authenticity ensuring that your charm was made from recycled metal. We feel that while preserving your child’s memories it is also our responsibility to preserve our planet any way we can.

Harmony Metals and Gems by Hoover and Strong - recycled precious metals and ethical gemstones

Art-Charms Content and Process

Art-Charms website content and publishing materials as well as the processes involved to create an Art-Charm is protected under the United States copyright laws and is patent pending.

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